Keet Colors

Trying to decide what color keets you have? Give them time to dry and fluff and just look at the top of their heads. There are three main groups to narrow this ID down, pearled, partially pearled, and solid. Pearled means dots appear over the entire body as your keet matures into an adult guinea. Partially pearled is just that, usually dots on parts of lower wings and flanks. Solid is void of any markings. Remember the head is where to start,  then check the body, belly and wing colors. There is another group that can be found with any color. Pied, which means white feathers varying in different amounts and areas; ranging from a few feathers on the chest to full white chest and wings. Any color can be “pied” with white feathering.


Key to Keet Colors

Upper pictures in each box are older keets feathering  out,  showing pearling or solid colors.. On most, head markings are visible. 

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Head marked with one broad stripe, two smaller on each side

Partially Pearl

Head marked with irregular lines/stripes


Head solid color/no stripes



Brown striped body with darker broad stripe on head, smaller on each side. Notice signs of full pearling. 

keet black stage.jpg (125468 bytes)



Coral blue

Light blue color body white on wings, face, and belly-notice beginning of partial pearling

skyblue.jpg (71842 bytes)




Pure white, sometimes has a black dot on top or back of head.    These birds are not albino and are the only solid white bird that hatches solid white and not yellow.

Bonnie_and_Clyde_close_up.jpg (57668 bytes)  


pearlk.JPG (58943 bytes)

pearlk2.JPG (72358 bytes)

two_blue_2.JPG (54672 bytes)

blue_3.JPG (76340 bytes)

wkpure.JPG (67587 bytes)

whitekeetstrio.JPG (75666 bytes)


Light lavender color with markings same as pearl keets

lavender older keet.jpg (63841 bytes)


Royal Purple

Brown striped body with white on face, wings and belly.  

royalbody.JPG (122192 bytes)  


Sky blue

Light blue color with white on face and belly ~ white wings indicate  pied  sky blue




lavstrio.JPG (87443 bytes)

lav_head_stripes.jpg (18101 bytes)

rp_rainbow.jpg (96235 bytes)

Purple Pool.jpg (102705 bytes)

skybluek.JPG (71333 bytes)

sky_blue__pied_sky.jpg (109156 bytes)





Bronze1.jpg (89710 bytes)

Bronze5.jpg (87992 bytes)

Pewter2.jpg (86450 bytes)

Pewter5.jpg (186592 bytes)

Lite Lavender

Same markings as lavender but a lighter more faded shade. 




Lite Blue



LiteLav2.jpg (89024 bytes)

LiteLav7.jpg (124485 bytes) Buff1.jpg (84950 bytes)

Buff4.jpg (97744 bytes)

LiteBlue6.jpg (81181 bytes)

LiteBlue8.jpg (100001 bytes)


Strongly resembles pearl keet but a lighter, faded appearance

brown3.JPG (98245 bytes)  



Body light shades of brown with white face, wings, and belly  

choc_pied_3wk_.jpg (68066 bytes)  



Rusty colored body, with white face,  wings and belly

violetbody.JPG (103520 bytes)


mystery.JPG (65493 bytes)

mystery2.JPG (68392 bytes)

buff_chocolate.jpg (95661 bytes)

rp vs choc.jpg (73892 bytes)

violet.JPG (58538 bytes)

violet_rainbow.jpg (97108 bytes)

Buff Dundottes

Very light tan colored body with dark tan broad stripe on head and two smaller on each side. Tan stripes on back. 


Very light, near white with faint blue lines on head and back. 



Dark rust colored body with some white on belly and throat  


buff keet.JPG (71600 bytes)

buff_dundotte3.jpg (71159 bytes)

color keet.jpg (58596 bytes)

Opaline4.jpg (64668 bytes)

slate_good.JPG (68420 bytes)

slate_lav_005.jpg (73930 bytes)


lavblue.JPG (44324 bytes)

mix.JPG (67829 bytes)

new colored keets 039.jpg (78435 bytes)

new colored keets 027.jpg (64038 bytes)

Two darker keets...looking pied brown, pied chocolate

older keets Aug 001.jpg (50757 bytes)

older keets Aug 009.jpg (62098 bytes)

Left side picture is comparison between lavender (left side) and two coral blue. VERY close except for HEADS. REMEMBER, broad stripe with smaller will be fully pearled while broken will be partial  pearling. 

The keet on the left side also feathers as a pearl guinea.  Another combination that results in pearl feathering is shown on the right side with dark, solid feathering and what looks like a widow's peak

Two pictures on the top right are the darker keets in basket. One has irregular stripes, other has one broad stripe. Both appear to be pied. The light keet in basket is pictured below. Doesn't looked pied but VERY light with partial pearling. 

older keets Aug 010.jpg (46998 bytes)



Pied Keet Colors

Pied Keets come in all the different colors. Remember the basic head markings and identify the color; then think about the extra white on their chests, parts of wings or full wings, which makes them pied. Pied keets may be harder to ID when very young. As they start to  feather you will notice what is going to stay white on their chests and wings.


Pied Pearl

Basic description and appearance as above mentioned pearl keet ALONG WITH any degree of white on chest, and/or wings.

Pied color chart cock.jpg (104288 bytes)


Pied Lavender

Basic description and appearance as above pictured lavender keet ALONG WITH any degree of white on chest, and/or wings.

pied lav.jpg (82314 bytes)Pied lav in pecan tree.jpg (43125 bytes)

2007 guineas chickens 026.jpg (114038 bytes)

Pied Brown

Basic description and appearance as above pictured brown keet ALONG WITH any degree of white on chest, and/or wings. 

2007 guineas chickens 053.jpg (69969 bytes)

older keets Aug 007.jpg (57427 bytes)


piedk.JPG (55218 bytes)

pied2 crop.jpg (36233 bytes)

lav and pied lav.jpg (84157 bytes)

The keet on left side is pied lavender. Compared to keet on right side that is lavender without the white pied markings. 

Pied Brown? Time will tell. 

OK they are


Pied brown.jpg (99566 bytes)

2007 guineas chickens 033.jpg (120389 bytes)

                These first three pied varieties will be fully pearled when mature.


Pied Chocolate

Basic description and appearance as above Chocolate keet ALONG WITH any degree of white on chest, and/or wings.

 guineas 2007 001.jpg (97168 bytes)

2007 guineas chickens 059.jpg (122309 bytes)


Pied Royal Purple

Basic description and appearance as above Royal Purple  keet ALONG WITH any degree of white on chest, and/or wings.  Keets in lower left picture are all royal purple. Right side, with more white is Pied Royal Purple.

2007 guineas chickens 063.jpg (109167 bytes)


Pied Coral Blue

Basic description and appearance as above Coral Blue keet ALONG WITH any degree of white on chest, and/or wings. 






pied choc keet.jpg (95100 bytes)

older pied choc keet.jpg (49017 bytes)

rainbow colors 006.jpg (114109 bytes)

Pied Royal Purple older.jpg (58249 bytes)

older pied coral blue keet 2.jpg (53420 bytes)

older pied coral blue.jpg (45786 bytes)

These three colors will be partially pearled when mature just as the non-pied keets.


Pied Sky Blue

Basic description and appearance as above Sky Blue keet ALONG WITH any degree of white on chest, and/or wings.

Pied Powder Blue



Pied Slate



sky_blue__pied_sky.jpg (109156 bytes)

Two Sky Blue, right side is pied. Notice the complete white wings. 

piedsky.JPG (58540 bytes)

Powder blue pied keet.jpg (86242 bytes)


In addition to white pied areas, these colors will be solid/no dots or pearling, when mature. 

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