Guinea Fowl Colors

 (Numida meleagris)

21 color varieties varying from fully pearled, partially pearled, to solid

Three colors* are recognized in the Standard of Perfection  for showing guinea fowl

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Fully Pearled Partially Pearled  Solid 
Pearl Gray*

Original color of guineas. Dark gray background with white pearling on entire body. 

sonny roz retouch.jpg (38032 bytes) Royal Purple

Very dark color with purplish look in the sun. Pearling on lower wings and flanks. 

2007 guineas chickens 065.jpg (108156 bytes) White*

Solid white color. 



Emily.jpg (61391 bytes)

Large white dots or pearling is quite bold with dark brown areas mixed with light tan color on body. 

brownadult.JPG (78789 bytes) Chocolate

 Similar to Brown displaying less pearling. Brown color in more patches. 

Excellent_Choc.jpg (99780 bytes) Violet

Dark solid color. Sun brings out the violet sheen. Similar to Royal Purple without pearling.

2007 guineas chickens 047.jpg (124690 bytes)

violet better.jpg (98828 bytes)


A steel gray or lavender color with pearling over entire body as in Pearl.

2007 guineas chickens 052.jpg (65282 bytes) Buff buff guinea.jpg (77992 bytes)


A solid steel gray color with cream highlights over shoulders/ back. 

slate.jpg (31083 bytes)

Pied Pearl 

This is usual color of Pied sold by hatcheries. 

pied site.jpg (116684 bytes)

Coral Blue

Soft blue color with air brushed blue around edges of feathers. 

2007 guineas chickens 061.jpg (108524 bytes) Sky Blue

Same soft blue color as Coral Blue without any pearling. 

Buff Dundotte

Soft  light beige color with pearling through out

1buffdondette.jpg (26025 bytes) Opaline

Near white color with faint pearling on wings and flanks. 

Chet Cindyretouched.jpg (54213 bytes)  Powder Blue picture not available
Lite Lavender picture not available Lite Blue picture not available Pewter picture not available

This is a variance of Lavender, very pale pastel blue with white pearling over most of body

picture not available Bronze

Very near color of Royal Purple but displaying  bronze color on wings and neck. 

2007 guineas chickens 049.jpg (127065 bytes) Blonde 2 Blondes on the rail.jpg (44565 bytes)

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