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I am breeding and still hatching for this season. I have both silkie and showgirls in white, buff, and black. All my blacks will be carrying the lavender gene since I am still working on a better quality in my lavender silkies. This will also give me black showgirls split to lavender for crossing back to lavender silkies, giving me lavender showgirls this fall...HOPEFULLY! Pickups at my farm will be possible all summer. Shipping will be late September. Email me if you want to be on my waiting list or for possible mature stock I may be selling. 


Although my goal would be to have ALL my birds show quality I need to be realistic and say that show quality is a gray area. Unless you have obvious disqualifications which would keep you from being judged any bird can be shown.   I don't call any of my birds show quality unless I have shown them and they placed. I never want to mislead anyone into thinking something they buy from me is a definite show quality bird. You can show any bird making it a "show bird" but the "quality" part is my main goal. I will do my best with the quality and leave the choice to show up to the customer and winning up to that judge on THAT day. 



This hen did well during the 2008 season. She will be part of the breeding pens again this season. 




These are two of my white showgirl breeding hens. The one looking straight on is Alexis who won Champion AOV at Silkie Nationals 2006. THESE are NOT FOR SALE. I am just sharing the quality of my breeding stock to give an idea of what the chicks could develop into. I recently showed one of their off spring and won AOV class at Shawnee. 

My showgirl breeding pens are all crosses between silkies and showgirls. We believe that for now, keeping silkies in the breeding is maintaining and improving the showgirl qualities. This is a real plus for increasing your percentages of showgirl chicks because you can use either showgirl roosters with silkie hens or showgirl hens with silkie roosters. That makes both showgirl pullets and cockerels equally important at my farm. 











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